woensdag 26 november 2014

from my wishlist - May Day

photos elvs

I always had an eye on the beautiful and multi-purpose May Day lamp by Flos
just love its beautiful and simple design and this year
 it definitely ended up on my christmas wishlist.
When dutch online store FonQ.nl asked me if I was interessed in 
writing a short review about one of the products of their design department
 I didn't have to think for more than one second...
I choosed one of my favorite lamps from their collection;
the "flos May Day lamp"

 the May Day worklamp is created  bKonstantin Grcic 
and designed to be a tool.  It has this practical handle where you can find
 the ON/OFF switch and two spikes to wind up the 5 meter long cable.
The big white funnel is at the same time reflector and protector.
 It gives off a warmly diffused light.
The lamp can be carried with the all-purpose handle or even be hung up 
and is really handy in all sorts of expected/unexpected situations

 In my opinion this lamp truly is an original alternative to follow up 
the latest work light trend... don't you think so?
  just love the simple and industrial design of the lamp 
and it really looks fantastic in every housing space
 - as a pendant light, a ceiling light or a floor light!- 

 "May Day" is the perfect example that design products
 don't have to be very expensive ...
have a look at FONQ.nl here to find out more 
about their large collection of design producs from many brands

FonQ.nl is a dutch contemporary online store with more than 35.000 products.
 colorful and special products that make life just a little more fun with unique gift and design products and a wide range in terms of living, cooking and garden can be found at fonQ.nl 
everything for in and around the house.

this post is made in collaboration with FonQ.nl 
styling/photos/text by elvs


really like to visit the Ikea livet hemma blog
 admiring their great diy ideas and to be inspired by the work 
of their guest stylists and photographers

this morning I admired the tasteful stillife 
of stylist and blogger Pella Hedeby
 loved the stylish details in black, white, grey, brown, 
the little white paper lamp and these little christmas lights
 to create this cosy amosphere...
just perfect now that the days are getting shorter and shorter
see more here

                                                                                                photo: Kristofer Johnsson 

maandag 24 november 2014

flavourites live 2014


saturday I visited the flavourites live fair at this great industrial location
 the Kromhouthal (a former factory) in Amsterdam

flavourites live is an event where webshops go "offline" and
present themselves in real life and where we can admire their new collections
(just loved the - no maintenance - Pikaplant -2- jars)
 but also a place where we can admire projects (air planting - 7 - ) and follow creative
 workshops and "papierworkshops" under the creative direction of dutch
 interior magazine 101 woonideeen art director Monique van der Vlist 
and it was such fun... 

just loved the amazing and cosy atmosphere and the perfect combination of 
getting inspired by beautiful products, stylingideas, workshops and 
meeting the retailers and other bloggers...

today an impression of some of my some favourites!

zondag 23 november 2014

shoplove - & other stories


 photos elvs

Beautiful white painted brick walls, blond wood, a touch of black, 
marble, lot's of plants,  beautiful photos everywhere and a
 fantastic Scandinavian and  industrial atmosphere

Yesterday I visited the amazing & Others Stories shop that
 recently opened its doors in Amsterdam and it felt like entering
 a candy shop when I was a little girl!! 
& Other Stories is launched in 2013 as a luxury brand of H&M 
Meanwhile, the chain has opened shops in Barcelona, 
Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm.

The shop in Amsterdam consists 650 square meters (two floors) 
where you can find the complete fashion, shoe, bag, jewellery and
 beauty collection of the brand but also clothes of guest designers as
 british Sadie Williams, swedish A-S Dåvik and Lykke Li.

definitely worth a visit if you are in Amsterdam  to create your own 
personal style or story - focusing on the whole look - or to be inspired 
by this amazing store with great attention to detail

find the whole storie here

 ps.   we have a giveaway winner :-) congratulations to...  INGRID -   you are the lucky one!
(please let us know your adress  at elvsblog@gmail.com) 
Thank you so much dear  Jan Skácelík and thank you all for joining and your nice comments!

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donderdag 20 november 2014


To be honest I am a real spring and summer person
but this beautiful norwegian family home made me dream away...

The cosy kitchen with the concrete bench, anchored by a double 
sided fireplace is at the heart of the lodge and you can find
 a second  fireplace in the very inviting livingroom 
with its high pitched ceilings and timber materials

Christmas at this beautiful mountain getaway
 in this popular skiing destination ??
yes please....

see more here 

                                                                                                                                           photos: Søren Harder Nielsen

woensdag 19 november 2014

# on my shelf - Northern Winds

One of my favourite hashtags on instagram is the #onmyshelf one
just love to admire all these beautiful styled shelves
 (or whatever used... tables, cabinets, cupboard)
 but most of all the added personal touch 
gives us the idea getting to know each other a little bit...
and that is what attracts me most!

Because it thought it would be fun to share and to
be inspired by each other's creative ideas
  a little while ago I asked :Would you like to share your #shelf?? 
Allesandra has send me a very spontaneous mail and joined in!

Allesandra is an Italian designer and blogger living in Buenos Aires 
Her blog Northern winds  is all about interior (with a crash on the scandanavian style),
decoration, lifestyle and photography,
 it's the place where she collects all the beautiful images that inspires her creativity

Allesandra wrote me: 

I saw on your blog that you are posting about shelfies and I'd like to
 share mine  with you and your readers. It's nothing special, just a few objects 
that are important  to me these days or that I'm currently using. 

Over an Ikea Besta cabinet found place two drawings from my mother,
 just in front of them there is a little mango plant that I 
reproduced from the nut of a fruit we ate and a  piece of wood 
smoothed by water that my husband found in a lake in Patagonia. 

The Vitra tool box is also here these days, full with pencils, 
rubbers and all I need for my projects, next to it there are a few magazines that I love and
 that need to stand out so I don't  get crazy finding them, 
on their top there is watercolour from  belgian artist Koen Ivens,
 featuring a Roman landscape, and a mate providing the extra energy
 I need to face this frenetic city.

 Finally you can spot an origami book I made a couple of months ago during a boring rainy weekend and on top of it a wool hat, that is actually one of those travellers around the house.

All these objects together are quite representative of my life, 
 there is Italy, there is Argentina, there is my family and 
the one I built, there are my projects... 
 it's  incredible how decoration reveals so much about us!

Ps. Would you like to share your #shelf?? Feel free to join in.. and send me a mail! 

dinsdag 18 november 2014


this news made me smile...

one of my IKEA favourites;  the stunning Hektar lamp,
 designed by Ola Wihlborg 
has come in a warm shade of bronze
what do yo think of this beautiful autumn addition
do you like it or do you prefer the original black version? 
read more about it at livet hemma here

                                                                                                                                  photos: Ragnar Ómarsson