all is pretty

I have always admired here beautiful blog 
ALL IS PRETTY (even her webshop is a source of inspiration)  
and ofcourse her amazing Instagram feed,
where Annie Lindgren shares her daily life, 
is on my daily "to visit'" list!

 this month her stunning home, 
 - decorated with a combination of beautiful scandanvian design,
 warm natural tones, vintage accessories, photos and prints - 
 is featured in the latest edition of the Plaza Interior magazine
wished I could see it all...

                                                                                                                styling: Pella Hedeby photos: Kristofer Johnsson


  1. Love Annies style too!
    Must get my hands on the latest issue of Plaza!
    Thanks for the tip!

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Voy a visitarla ahora mismo ;-) Gracias por la recomendación.

  3. Supermooie poster, ik doe graag mee!